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Oldest of fics being moved.

I watch him attentively as he recalls his horrific pain and yet I still feel relived she isn’t around. I didn’t want her to be around.
What the hell? She’s dead! How can you be so cold?

“And have you? Moved on?” Please …

The briefest of smiles.

“Have you?”

No! Damn it why couldn’t you just answer. Why do you care if he has? Because i… i …

I look out the window to stop him seeing the emotions conflicting in my eyes. Emotions I haven’t felt for centuries. I don’t want to feel, I can’t. If I feel … human … weakness …

The storm raging outside reflects the storm raging within me.  The rain the tears I refuse to shed, the thunder the pounding in my head, the numbing wind the pain in my heart.

I can hear him trying to calm himself; I can feel his eyes boring my back. I wish I could believe the excuse I’d told him about why he is still alive.  But I can’t.  It’s him I crave, not his death.  And it’s scaring the hell out of me.

I turn to tell him I’d better go.  He protests, but it’s the pained look in his eyes wrenches at my heart. He didn’t ask to be involved in this. He’s so innocent. Caught up in a war where everyone but himself knows his importance.

I step closer to him. If I just …

I lean forward and kiss him. It was an emotionless kiss. Cold; and short. What the fuck are you doing!?
Kraven’s words reply in my head, “You’re infatuated with him, aren’t you?”

I break away and lock the chain around his wrist. Hopefully he’ll assume it was a ploy to lock him up and meant nothing.
Even though it meant everything.
It felt right…I felt complete.

My heart is pounding as I close the door behind me, my eyes welling up.
What the hell is happening to me!?
You’re falling for him …
I can’t have feelings for him! I just can’t!
You’ve been tainted …
A tear drops.


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