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Writer's Block: Conversion Rate
Have you ever considered converting to another religion?
I have thought about it from time to time, i was brought up christain and then went to a catholic high school and currently am agnostic although i would be interested in learning more about some of the other religions like buddism, wicca, and so on. I may take on their ideas to an extent but whether i'll ever be part of an organised religion i doubt it.

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Pardon me for butting in ... I just edited my answer to the above question and decided to look at other answers just for fun.

Check out "Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions" by River and Joyce Higginbotham. A pretty good all-around guide to paganism. "Voices from the Pagan Census: A National Survey of Witches and Neo-Pagans in the United States (Studies in Comparative Religion") by Helen A. Berger, Evan A. Leach, and Leigh S. Shaffer is also an interesting breakdown of pagan beliefs. Of course, there's the usual list of authors to check out: Scott Cunningham, Silver Ravenwolf, Starhawk, Margot Adler, Janet & Stewart Farrar... you may have had several recommended to you.

In my 15 years of experience as a witch, paganism is the ultimate disorganized religion, and I love it that way.

Sorry for the random intrusion.

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